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  • Why do I need an oil tank sweep?
    When purchasing or selling a home, having an oil tank sweep performed is imperative to ensuring your property is clear of any potential environmental hazards. The EPA has estimated over 100,000 unknown or undiscovered Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) located in New Jersey alone. Half of all oil tanks removed have holes and require environmental cleanup. It is a significant expense if you purchase a home in NJ without knowing what lies beneath your property.
  • Why should I use your company?
    We have over 20 years of experience in subsurface investigation. Unlike our competitors, our technicians all carry Ground Penetrating Radar, two industry-standard methods of metal detection for cross-referencing, as well as industry-leading induction equipment (locating equipment capable of tracing copper product lines, vent and fill pipes). We are fully insured not just in General Liability but also in Environmental and Error and Omission protecting our clients.
  • What is Ground Penetrating Radar, and do I need it?
    Ground-penetrating radar is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. This non-destructive method allows us to detect underground utilities and storage tanks with a non-invasive approach. GPR is used when there are limitations with standard metal detection. For example, wire mesh or rebar reinforced concrete, sidewalks, driveways and patios.
  • Do you guarantee your tank sweeps?
    YES. We carry 2 million in error and omission policy and 2 million in environmental and general liability. We are fully guaranteeing our scan and insuring the client against any liability.
  • How much does an oil tank sweep cost?
    We offer an industry-leading flat rate fee of $225 for standard metal detection and $399 for Ground penetrating radar. Mileage charges may apply for sites located outside of a 30-mile range.
  • Do i need to be there when the oil tank sweep is performed ?
    No. Your realtor or the current property owner can grant us access so you do not need to be present during the the inspection. We will provide invoice, receipt and report all via e-mail.
  • Do you need to have access inside the home to perform an oil tank sweep?
    Yes. It is important to thoroughly inspect both the basement and areas around the chimney and furnace. We search for any evidence of a former oil burning system including copper supply lines, patchwork on the exterior wall and staining on the floor. We search any places near where you would suspect fuel might have been used previously.
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