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NJ's #1 Ranked Oil Tank Sweep Company 

Providing you the most comprehensive oil tank sweep in the industry


oil tank sweep

Residential Real Estate

$225 Oil Tank Sweep
$399 Oil Tank Sweep + GPR
Call for commercial rates.

Experienced staff

Benefit from 20 years of experience and OSHA-certified technicians.

State of the art equipment

Get the most comprehensive underground storage tank investigation.

Oil Tank Sweep

Are you thinking about buying or selling a property?

When purchasing or selling a home in NJ, having an oil tank sweep performed is imperative to ensure your property is clear of any potential environmental hazards. The EPA has estimated over 100,000 unknown or undiscovered Under Ground Storage Tanks located in New Jersey alone. Half of all oil tanks removed have holes and require environmental cleanup.

Residential property

Avoid significant expenses when you purchase your new home with a precise and reliable inspection.

Commercial property

We have professionals on staff that specialize in gas stations and industrial buildings. Contact us to get pricing tailored to your project.


You are protected

We provide fully insured survey results. We guarantee our work, and we are fully insured with General Liability, Environmental Insurance and Professional Insurance, including error and omission.

Residential Pricing

Oil Tank Sweep


Full survey including report

Oil Tank Sweep + GPR


Full survey with GPR including report

* Up to 25 miles, Mileage charge applies after 25 mile threshold

Precise Inspection

We have professionals on staff that specialize in gas stations and industrial buildings. Our tried and true methods produce accurate results. Combined with detailed reporting, we can help ensure your purchase or sale moves forward with clarity.

Having an oil tank sweep performed is a small cost compared to removing and possible contamination cleanup. We got you covered when it comes to completing a comprehensive sweep of your property to ensure you have full knowledge of what lies beneath before you buy. Our OSHA-certified technicians will provide timely, professional and accurate results at an affordable flat rate.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Get a clear picture of your property's subsurface. We use radar pulses to image the subsurface. It detects the underground utilities and storage tanks with a non-invasive approach.

Do I Need GPR?

While using GPR in conjunction with our traditional geophysical methods provides the most comprehensive results and is highly recommended, it is not always necessary. When we perform our sweep, we will convey our findings and consult with you on the option to have us employ GPR to make sure nothing is missed. 

We recommend Ground Penetrating Radar When:

• Evidence suggests a tank existed in the past like copper lines, vent pipe or fill port.
• Concrete areas are reinforced with wire mesh or rebar, including driveways, patio slabs, sidewalks and swimming pools.
• Areas with large amounts of metal throw off the metal detector's signals, including metal fencing, HVAC units, steel grates or covers.

Our Process

Having a comprehensive oil tank sweep you can rely on and a detailed report of our findings is vital to the closing process of a home purchase in New Jersey.



Our team of professionals performs a preliminary investigation to observe and record any former indications of an underground storage tank. It includes fuel lines, fills and vent ports and penetrations within the foundation's structure.



Using industry-standard radiodetection equipment, we will locate and trace utilities and oil tank fuel lines. This method provides the proper detection and marking of subsurface anomalies and utilities.



Using a broad range of magnetic and metallic locators, they are used to detect magnetic fields of steel and iron objects. Using this industry-standard method, we can quickly scan and mark subsurface anomalies consistent with the dimension depth of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs).



We employ only the latest technology in ground penetrating radar in our searches. Using GPR, we can quickly and accurately detect and estimate the depth of subsurface anomalies consistent with (USTs) and visually interpret their unique signatures.



Once the oil tank sweep is complete, we provide you with a report of our findings. You will have a comprehensive sweep to give you the confidence to proceed with your purchase or project.


Liability is transferred to the new owner. If left unchecked after the close of the house, the liability and cost can skyrocket. Protect yourself with an easy oil tank sweep before buying a property to ensure you close on time and within budget.

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